On October 8, 2020 Save a Soul, Save the World is holding its first ever virtual fitness event, Warriors for Recovery, led by trainer and entrepreneur Ryan Read.  Save a Soul, Save the World has partnered up with Fountain Hills Recovery Center so ticket proceeds will are going toward a scholarship for someone who cannot afford rehab. 


You will get to enjoy a live virtual fitness experience from the comfort of your own home as well as speakers such as life coach and author, Howard Falco, live music by Julia Rizik, and a relaxing cool down after the workout with yoga guru Jacob Daffner.


Upon ticket purchase, you will be automatically entered into the raffle, where you will have the chance to win awesome prizes! 


We're so excited to see you there. Everyone is invited, whether you're dealing with addiction, in recovery, coping with mental health, or are just looking for an awesome fitness experience that is supporting a great cause. 

All you will need for this event is a mat!